Over the last few years like many other artists, I sketched and practiced drawing people, well- known celebrities from sport, music and films. This naturally led to drawing portraiture in graphite and commissions followed. A little over two years ago, I went colour!!! Like the introduction of colour television in the UK in the late sixties my work came alive. The valuable experience of shading in pencils helped me select the tones from the wonderful range of copies. Learning from observing the work of Jonathan Yeo, Christian Hook, Sal Jones, Carne Griffiths, to name a few, boosted my knowledge.

Somehow I settled for pastel pencils over other media. I found the ability to control, blend and build the shades I dearly love in portraiture, was the main reason.

About 18 months ago, I was inspired by mixed media. Experimenting with various media, such as acrylics, pebeo prime range, posca pens, inks, and of course pastel pencils was so rewarding. I also tried different surfaces and sizes – canvases and papers. But at some point I decided to look away from the art of portraiture where the finished work must have a certain degree of likeness, to a more contemporary figurative compositions influenced by the aforementioned artists – void of the “constraints” of likeness.

Composition, colour palette, choice of media and theme, now played such an importance to me. Without a specific person in mind, I knew that the work needed to convey many things that perhaps I had overlooked or not considered as important. Mood, emotion, appeal etc became very much part of my experiences.

On 31st August 2018 my first contemporary figurative work… “First Eyes” hung alongside “Sea Maiden” at Meander and Mooch (Facebook) on Newark Nottinghamshire. Because all of my previous work was private portrait commissions, I had never had my work publicly displayed or for sale before..

I also experiment with digital media, photographs enhanced, printed on archival and giclee papers of everyday landscape subjects, shot with big cloudy skies. This experience has allowed me for the first time, apply these digital techniques to my own original art. With over two intensive years of gleaming knowledge and experimentation I feel ready to combine digital enhancements with embellishments to hopefully emotive subjects. The first entitled ‘Broken’ is a set of five works each professional printed and handcrafted individually, ensuring two pieces are not the same.


2 June 2019