Fusion Art

What I love about many artists that I meet, is their unmistakable commitment to exploring their art form and discovering ways to express. In a gallery or a studio, I am often drawn to pieces of work that communicates emotional textures, whether its landscape, abstract or figurative. In these moments of wonderful glimpses, not only do I admire the techniques; the composition but also the textures both in the medium and expression. Simply magic.

I find exploring emotional textures quite a challenge to do. Often what I wish to express I battle with putting down on the canvas or paper. Frustration is very much a part of my art, as indeed many for other artists. However, I really enjoy experimenting with different media as my preferred way to express the emotional textures I wish to convey.

I have created the art by blending my photographs with images and digitally enhancing. Each print is individually embellished using mixed media, such as, oil paint or gilding, etc. Because of this process no two prints are exactly alike. I call this Fusion Art

This series of five together handcrafted embellished prints depicts textures caught in the moment as the mind and body experiences some emotional impact. I can imagine there are many, many more examples. I hope to have captured simply five.